Sale Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of sale established between Bilhares Carrinho and the user.

When ordering any item on our website you agree to these same conditions of sale.

Terms for the use of the Website ( )


The user assumes the compromise of using this website in observance of the disposed under the applicable law, not using it against such dispositions, nor in neglect of moral and social standards or rights and interests of a third party.

The website for Bilhares Carrinho may contain information and tools which are useful for users. These terms are not applicable to other Websites, for which the user shall consider the privacy policy of the website to which has been directed.


2.       Change to current terms


Bilhares Carrinho, holds the right to, single-mindedly and without prior notice, change the content of the its Website. These changes aim at the improvement of the Website, subsequently supporting the permament improvement of the services provided to the user.


3.       Intellectual Propriety


All content and information disclosed on the Website –  and inherent subdomains are Propriety of Bilhares Carrinho, reproduction, copy or transmission by other means of logotypes, text, images and videos on the Website is subject to Prior Authorization  of the holder of the Intellectual Propriety.


4.       Alternative Litigation Resolution

The consumer may resort to CNIACC - Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo [National Centre for Information and Mediation of Consumer Disputes] for litigation resolution


Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Campus de Campolide ; 1099-032 Lisboa

Tel. - 213 847 484  ; Fax - 213 845 201




5.       General Sale Terms at the online shop


a)      Product and Price Policy

·         Information on products – Products are marked based on essential characteristics of the products and on the share of technical information with their suppliers.


 ·         Information on prices – Sale Price to the Public indicated on the Website and its subdomains are presented in Euro (€) and VAT (Value Added Tax) is included at the current legal rate, in agreement with the disposed under the VAT Code and its Annexes.

Cost of postage and delivery of the products shall always be of the expense of the user/buyer and add to the registered purchase, values which may be confirmed or declined before submitting the order.

The company has the right to change the prices at any momento, assuming the compromise of maintaining the sale price and taxes indicated at the date of purchase. I case of informatic error, manual or other, which causes a change in the prices displayed on the website, the company shall consider the incident and proceed to the change of the purchase record. The prices of the products on the Website refer to the exclusive purchase request performed by it, fore which they may not coincide with prices on other sale stands, except for clearly identified online promotions.



b)      Acceptable Means of Payment

·         Payment upon delivery in cash, cheque or money order

·         Bank Transfer by IBAN for Bilhares Carrinho

·         Credit Cards accepted by PayPal

·         ATM Reference ( EasyPay ) generated upon purchase



c)       Delivery and Transportation

·  Purchase requests are treated and sent within 48 hours, except in case of lack of stock; whenever this time limit is exceeded, the client is informed


·         Products may be delivered to the client at any sale point of the company, by hired carrier or by internal distribution service, if available.



d)      Claims and Returns

·         The client disposes of 14 days, from the delivery date, to claim or return the product without a justification being required, as long as the product does not reveal sign of usage. In this case there is a refund within 30 days, in agreement with the disposed under Law-Act 82/2008 from 20 May.


·         The client may file a clain after 14 days have passed, however, it shall be sumitted to analysis and corresponding result. In such cases, the amount shall be reimbursed, if the claim is accepted.


·         When claiming, the client must always present the original purchase document, the complete product, instructions and warranty, should these be part of the pack.


·         Whever a claim regards external  transportation, and the client detects damage to the product, it must be preferably informed and registered before the carrier or claimed within 48 hours.



·         The client may reject the product upon delivery, should the damage be substantially visible.


·         If damage to the product is detected after delivery, Bilhares Carrinho must be informed as soon as possible, by the usual means, telephone or email or via Website using the subdomain "Contact us".

-Warranty - 

Bilhares Carrinho warranty is applicable to its products, regarding material or labour defects. Bilhares Carrinho shall proceed to the repair or replacement of one or all parts when the anomaly is proved.

Warranty is assured solely to the original buyer and non-transmissible. To enforce the warranty purchase proof document must be presented.

Bilhares Carrinho warranty period:
For personal use the warranty is 2 years (in agreement with the General Consumer Law).
For professional use the warranty shall be of 6 months (in agreement with the Civil Code).

Limitations and Exclusions to Bilhares Carrinho Warranty:
- Products which are exposed to inappopriate conditions (outdoors, fluctuating temeprature, soil instability, etc.)

- Incorrect use, accident (lines, burns, scratches or liquid stains, etc.) negligence or natural calamity (natural phenomena).

- Inadequate maintenance (not performed by Bilhares Carrinho)

- Billiards damaged due to moving.

- Damaged tables due to use of abrasive detergent or other aggressive cleaning products.

- Deterioration due to usage/lifetime: billiards table cloth, rubber cushion, table mesh and game accessories.

Considering warranty policy, Bilhares Carrinho shall not reimburse the buyer of the price of purchase.


Information on warranty is supplied on our website, click on "client support" on the right upper corner and you shall find a page containing the detail of the limited warranty or lifetime warranty of our products.

Regarding claims on cracked points to cues 314-2 and Z-2, we acknowledge there have been a batch of pointers which have presented problems and these tended to break more than other. However, not all our 314-2 and Z-2 cues are defected. There are ohter reasons that make points break or crack. Some players use sandpaper, which causes the diametre of the cues to reduce, weakening it and making the cue to crack or disassemble (or separate lumps or cracks to appear).

Considering the above, it is very important for a pachometer to be used in order ot determine the minimum diameter when a client claims a point or cue is cracked. (We use a digital pachometer). This is why we require a fotograph of the cue to be measured. should the diameter of the cue be inferior to the minimum diameter listed on our website, the limited lifetime warranty shall not cover the damage. Please access the information on wodden cues in te graph below. The minimum diameters for cues 314-2 and Z-2 are highlighted in yellow. Please also note there are minium diameters and minimum thickness ofr Vantage, Z-3, 314-3, as indicated on the graph.

As the manufacturer of the highest qualitity billiard on the current, Predator products (Predator) is commited to the performance and durability of its products.

To protect its investment, Predator offers a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects. Please note this warranty does not cover for problems resulting from wood deformation or abuse.


Predator solely assures the buyer the original product for the time he/she possess it, the item must be free of material and labour defect under regular usage. This limited lifetime warranty is intransferable and does not apply to defects subsequent to:

(a) normal abrasion; (B) change, bad usage, abuse or inadequate maintenance; and/or (c) damage realted to exposure to extreme temperature or humidity.
This limited lifetime warranty is applicable to products purchased from retailers authorised by Predator. Predator cues manufactured for Uniloc and Radial® thread are guaranteed only when combined with original Uniloc and Radial® joints.

Maintenance Care:

Warps: The wood will absorb humidity in humid climate and release humidity in dry climate. So as to avoid deformation or problems related to cue finishing, the cues must be stored in an environment with stable temperature holding a humidity level between 45 and 50 per cent.

Abuse: Wodden cues are not designed to endure lateral pressure and must not be leaned or supported against a wall, dropped, excessively bent while playing, nor hit against the tables. The use of an appropriate case to protect the cues is recommended.

Diameter of the cue:

Changing the diameter of the cue to a lower one is not recommended. The diameter of the cues has been designed bearing in mind the necessary precision for the intended performance. Should you select a lower diameter, please be aware that any Predator cue with a lower diameter, or sandpapered below the acceptable limits shall imply the automatic cancelling of the warranty over the cue.

Replacement of the point:

If you wish to replace the point of your Predator 314-3, Z3, Vantage or Vantage 3C cue, do not remove the frey plaque (dark silencer point) under the tip, for that will reduce the strenghth of the cue and null the warranty. The silencer point must keep, at least, 0,010 "(0,25 milimetres) width so as to sustain the integrity of the cue. Is you need to replace the silencer point, reach client support or an authorized Predator repair centre.

Replacement of phenolic cue tips:

If you intend to replace the phenolic cue tip on a BK2 / BK3 or Air / Ar2 cue, do not remove the black carbon fiber point plaque under the brown phenolic tip, as that will result in the reduction of the strength of the cue and null the warranty. A 0,020" (0,5 mm) brown phenoli must always be kept before the replacement cue tip is glued.

Maintenance of the cue:

In order to clean the Predador cue, use a towel lightly moisted with alcohol. After the cleaning, use a leather or similar material cloth to seal the lumps on the cue. Use Carnuba wax to help seal the lumps on the cue and to protet it from humidity. So as to avoid damage, do nor use sandpaper or other abrasive material! No not expose the cue to excessive humidity. Important, do not use any waterbased cleaning product.

Original Uni-Loc Joints: We recommend the cleaning of Uni-Loc and Quick Release Original joints when you receive your cue and every six months. Those joints are manufactured for exact tolerance and even a small amount of dirt may cause a problem. A Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean the thread on the inside and the puncture for cue insertion. Always clean the pin with alcohol and a clean cloth. We recommend the use of protection to help maintain the joint clean and protect it from damage.


Much of the performance of the cue may be placed upon the conception of the point and its composition. Due to the material in use to improve the performance of the point, scratches may appear from regular use. In this case, we recommend the sending of the cue to an authorized cleaning Predator repair centre. Removal or change of the point will null the warranty.

Cleaning of the Grips:

In case of leather and Uni-Loc grips, Leather LeaGrips, only moist a towel with water, clean the Grip and immediately dry it. Use isopropyl alcohol for Irish linen Grips.

Partial cues:

If the official Predator Logotype is not on the partial cue, the limited lifetime warranty is null.


In case of doubt or need of any maintenance work on your Predator product, reach client support by means of the website or the email:


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