Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values



To create equipments, game and entertainment environments which contribute to the experience of leisure and sports situations, promoting satisfaction and well-being to the clients of Bilhares Carrinho.




Profissionalism - to act rigorously and ethically with regards to interpersonal contacts.

Honesty - to develop our business with honesty and loyalty.


Availability - team work respecting diversity, simplicity and acting transversally and flexibly.

Excelence in Product Quality and Provided Services - to learn daily so as to create results and turn errors into opportunities for improvement and progress.

Client Satisfaction - to make attitudes and actions by each and everyone of us turn into client satisfaction.

Inovation and Productivity - to take continuous improvement as a daily action methodology.



To be a national market leader and an international market reference, continuously innovating in what concerns materials, design, comercialization and production.

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